Emily + Jonathan

Emily & Jonathan

Fede, I just wanted to let you know how absolutely special you are to us.

A wedding is a secret garden waiting to be unlocked in the imaginations of a couple in love. With such ease and grace, you found that secret garden and made it a reality for Jon and I, and you made it even more beautiful, romantic and enchanting than any wedding we could ever have dreamed of or imagined.

Never in our lives before we met did Jon or I believe that such a love or a wedding like the one you gave us could ever exist in our future…but you were our angel, the angel that made it all happen.

You allowed for the next step of our extraordinary path and journey in love to continue forward in joy and complete adventurous bliss. We wish you all of the love, happiness and blessings this world has to offer and we love you so much!!

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts!