We fall in love with the one who makes us smile, but especially with the one who never stops surprising us.

This is why I’m so in love with my country. Italy never ceases to surprise me.  When I take my clients to see a location on the hills overlooking antique Roman ruins, or to a flowery Villa terrace staring out at the deep blue Mediterranean sea in Positano, I can see the absolute marvel in their eyes.  But what is even more touching is that I myself am still in awe … even though I’ve grown up with these colours, that sea, those fragrances.  You never get used to the splendour, the perfection of it all.

When I founded The Italian Wedding Event in 2004 I knew that only someone born here with a heartfelt connection to the country would be able to discover its most hidden secrets.  Those who choose to celebrate their wedding in Italy dream of embracing the evocative visual and cultural power of the most unique land on earth.

My career as a Wedding Desginer and an Event Director has never stopped evolving, today I’m so proud of how far my company has come, grateful that the extent of my experience and hard work has allowed me to venture into planning the most exquisite of events in the Italian luxury sector. I will forever remain at the heart of IWE, however the scope of my personal website Federica Nascimben is quite simply to create a space for myself and my followers to live my love, passion, creativity and experience. Creating exclusive weddings and events for my clients, 100% personalised.

I realized that nothing in my personal life story is by chance.  A degree in foreign languages from Venice, continuing education in art and tourism in England, 15 years of dance, years of living abroad to understand cultural nuances; these are all pieces of a puzzle that have fit together in my work to prepare me for my career calling.  I am happy to say that I do exactly what I love, putting in all the cultural, perceptual, intellectual, and sentimental wealth that my beloved Italy has given me to use and share for my couples who long to be enamoured for life – I just get their future off to the best possible start!

When you have two people in front of you getting married who are so in love, the emotion in the air is so thick that you feel like you can just reach out and grab their thoughts with your hands.  Their expectations for the future, their unconditional trust, the sheer joy felt by all those present.  It’s as if time stops.  The end of the world may come but their love, in that moment, is stronger than the force of nature itself.  As I translate the words of the celebrant, or simply stand back behind the scenes to listen to them say, ‘I do’ … I feel an exciting shiver … the substance of dreams, hope and that something big is about to start and I am bearing witness to it … and in that very moment I understand that I’ve got the best job in the world!