FN is a luxury I’ve afforded myself.  No limits to desire.  Unconditional creativity and beauty, a spectrum of luxury style, magical destinations forever in a unique, authentic and exclusive dimension.

I’ve wanted to set apart a unique space away from the IWE home for some time now, the success of my company is down to harmony of factors – a mixture of passions and a go-getting and strong team. However it is this same success allows me to reflect on the incredible journey made and I’m reminded that it started with and from myself – grafting from a dream. This intimacy is the reason I love what I do, the attention to my clients and to detail, so I guess you could say that my mission is to maintain this direct relationship and sincere passion forever .

In short, FN is a space for those couples with special desires and expectations in luxury service.  A wedding in Italy where everything is purely magnificent.  The Italian Wedding Event’s experience, professionalism and dedication make the wildest dreams come true.

An FN wedding is a journey into the soul. For me, it is a journey into your feelings to concretize your fantasies through exclusive dedication and commitment. For you, it is a perceptual journey through a dream, Italy’s most secret and elite wonders will become yours. No limits.

My method is that we start we start with a feeling and for this we created the Mood filter – I want you to follow your desires and even with an inkling of a notion or scattered ideas – we pull these together to create something spectacular. For those who know where they want to be, the Location finder will introduce you to areas and hidden treasures you never knew existed within your chosen area. The result? The beginning of 360 degree tailored service for your luxury wedding in Italy right from the start.

Get ready for an entire medieval Chianti village to ring you in as a newlyweds, a moonlight wedding in Capri on an antique schooner in Sardinia.  If your dream wedding is actually on the moon, well, I never say never!