Emily + Lee

Emily & Lee

There is no other way to put it, Fede is a true angle who makes your wedding dreams come true.  Fede brought to life all our hopes and visions in the most magical, exciting and beautiful weekend of our lives.  When you dream of getting married in Italy, it is incomplete unless you have Fede your wedding angle with you.  The term ‘Wedding Planner‘ might be right for many people who do this, and Fede is an exceptional ‘Wedding Planner‘, constantly organising and planning everything flawlessly.  However, she also became our amazing friend and our confident, someone so much closer to us, who cared as much about our wedding and everything related to it as we did.  We could never have thought that in our wildest dreams we would achieve such an an amazing outcome, to have met Fede, and for her to have created the most spectacular and beautifully perfect wedding we could ever have imagined !!!!

We found Federica Nascimben online, and it was the testimonials that brought tears to my eyes and made us contact her immediately.  It was 2 years before we got married and right from that first email conversation we had, the three of us clicked and were in tune.  We knew immediately that this lovely lady was a special find !!. Your wedding is so personal and emotional and is something that you have such specific ideas and plans for, that its hard to imagine anyone besides you and your fiance could ever understand, let alone trust anyone to completely organise and run with the whole show !! But Federica can !!.

All we knew about getting married in Italy was that we wanted to get married in Lake Como and that we thought it might be tricky because I was an Australian living in England getting married in Italy to a British man!.   We had no idea what would be involved, asking so many pages of questions over email in the first few months, always with Fede explaining everything in so much detail and with so much excitement and enthusiasm it was incredible.  We felt so comfortable and confident about Fede being in charge of the planning, we just knew, that with everything she knew about weddings and legalities, and the excitement and dedication she showed to us, that we couldn’t do it without her !.

Fede takes all the time in the world to really find out about you both as a couple, and what your hopes and dreams are for your wedding.  Then she starts suggesting the most amazing places and things that you had never even thought about, things that suit you both so much its like you have know her all your life!.  Fede suggested to us a beautiful Villa in the stunning picturesque town of Varenna for our wedding venue and it couldn’t have been more perfect, or suited us better.  When we met Fede here 18 months before our wedding, we fell in love with her more and more as she kept reading our minds and suggesting such beautiful and unique things for our wedding.  From the beautiful lake cruise the day before the wedding, to the outrageously fun beach party the night before the wedding, to the incredibly personable and fun photographer she suggested who we were lucky enough to have. She was able to create for us such a perfect weekend.

It is stressful organising a wedding from overseas, not to mention having close to 100 guests coming from 3 or 4 different countries, many from the opposite side of the world, but Fede was totally in control of all of the plans, all the organising and kept us calm throughout the whole planning period.  At all times everything was absolutely perfect !!  Its like she knows everyone in Italy that is linked to weddings and marriage, and she can move mountains to make sure things go the right way.  Everyone she introduced us to, from the make up lady, to the photographer, to the people at the town hall, to the people with the boats and the people at all the venues were so amazing and made our day so wonderful.

Dear Fede, our wonderful friend, we are so lucky to have found you!!! There are no words to describe how happy you have made us and how amazing you made our wedding. Our wedding weekend festival was beyond our wildest imagination, with so much emotion and so much happiness!! We will never be able to thank you enough for everything you have done for us.  You are such an amazingly talented and wonderful person and you will always be in our hearts.  We will never forget any aspect of our weekend, or the time with you before hand in the long lead up to the wedding.  One of our very special memories is of you being with us for the civil partnership at the town hall, having you there with us and our parents, being part of such an intimate ceremony and translating with such emotion, is something we will never forget.

Thank you for always being patient with us (especially me and my craziness!!!) , for understanding us so much, for being such an amazing friend, and for bringing our dreams to life in the most amazing weekend of our lives !!! We only wish we could do this every year !! You are so special to us.  We hope to see you very soon, you will see our smiling faces on the big bus Lee will be driving into Italy!!!

All our love our dear friend, thank you with all our hearts,

Lee and Emily. xoxox