Janine + Aaron

Janine & Aaron

My dear friend Fede,

I wanted to write to you sooner, but it seems that I have so much to say that I felt the need to sleep on my words for a little bit.  I honestly don’t know where to start, but I guess the best way is to purely say “thank you” for all you have done this past year.  The wedding and also the 2 events leading up to the big day were magical for us.  We had an amazing time and it’s something we will remember forever.

I will never forget the amazed look on everyone’s face when they walked into the beautiful garden party waiting for them.  Or the perfectly sized boat that gave our friends and family the opportunity to bond even more as we sailed around the island.  And of course, the proud smile on my dad as we paraded through the streets of Capri!  You don’t know how happy this wedding made him.  In the postcard that he wrote to me he said “the two of you and Federica have made an everlasting spot in my heart“.  And he is telling everyone that is was the best wedding he has ever been to.  Hahaha of course he prefaces that with “and I’m not being biased because it was my daughter’s wedding“.  But he is right…it was the best wedding I have ever been to as well.  And I’m not being biased either 😉  And it was all possible because of you.

You didn’t just plan a wedding, but you truly came to understand Aaron and me so that you were able to focus on the little details that made our wedding so personal.  And there were so many times when you talked me out of some crazy idea…or gave me your honest opinion …or kept thinking of ideas until we found the perfect option (sending me pics in the middle of the night!!!).  All the hours you have spent and all the care you put into it…it has meant the world to us.

So it has been 8 days since the wedding.  And I can tell you that each morning I wake up, I am missing the excitement of reading your emails, wondering what you will surprise me with next or how you will make me laugh.  I went back and read some of the emails we have sent back and forth…and it touched my heart to see what started as business emails in the beginning, quickly turned into fun chats that only friends can have.  I really do see you as a friend and I promise that I will keep in touch with you.  I’m sad I never got to really say good-bye at the end of the evening.  I didn’t realize you were on the other bus…or I would have got on that one instead!!  But I hope sometime in the next couple years while I’m in Europe, our paths will somehow cross and I will get to see you again!  I’m sure I will be in Italy many more times…hahahah Aaron’s favorite line to me is that “there are other countries than Italy” since it is always my first choice of where to go on a quick trip!  And if you ever end up in CH, please let me know.  Even if it’s in furthest spot from where I live…I will travel to meet up!

I really enjoyed working with you, laughing with you, and just chatting with you this past year.  You are the best wedding planner and friend a girl could ever have.  And I feel the luckiest to have met you along the way in my life.

And as I have ended many of my emails to you…

Talk soon… 🙂

Janine  & Aaron