Maria + Eric

Maria & Eric

Dearest Fede,

Eric and I want to sincerely thank you for all the effort you put in to making our special wedding day a dream come true. We know it was not easy at times, dealing with the castle who often made planning difficult due to their lack of professionalism and untimely responses. But you did it! You made sure that we got what we asked for and we truly felt that evening, July 7th 2012, we were the Prince and Princess of the Castle!

You went above and beyond helping us with our “Big Day” – like when my dress here in the USA suddenly disappeared, very last minute, because the shop closed and ran off with my money. It was you who came to the rescue setting up multiple appointments for us to visit bridal shops the day we landed in Rome so we could together, find a more perfect Italian Wedding dress! And we did! Thanks to you I wore one of the most stunning wedding dresses I have ever seen!  I felt like a true Goddess! If it weren’t for your excellent translating skills I would have been lost in those bridal shops. Thank you for being there – we all know it was a very, very long day!

We found your ideas and thoughts on decorating so helpful and spot on! We loved that you gravitated towards pure, beautiful and simple, elegant decor. Having the same taste when it came to decor made choosing items so much easier. We really felt you found all of the decor elements (sometimes by going out of your way to 10 or more different stores) searching everywhere for the perfect item, or piece to make the castle and the surroundings look even more stunning!

You took time to speak with us through Skype and weighed in on opinions when it mattered most because after making so many decisions a bride and groom easily get burnt-out and overwhelmed!

You recommended the top professionals in the industry for photography, make up, celebrants, music, and transportation, including fulfilling our strange music request of having an accordion player to alternate with the DJ!

You executed clear spreadsheets so we knew which guests booked which type of room and where we were in the process in terms of payments and budget for the services booked. Every step of the way, even though there was still an element of stress (of course), we felt confident because you were leading us to the finish line – a celebration of a lifetime, that truly impressed all of our guests. We now know now how truly difficult it is to plan a perfect wedding!

I was so lucky to find you, thank goodness for the internet, and for the many other brides sharing their happy comments about you and your company: Italian Wedding Event. We have to thank the many brides who specifically mentioned you as their greatest find in the planning process! Otherwise, we may not have found you and I am so happy we did! I can now say I am one of those brides who can highly recommend you and brag about your excellent services, caring nature, and pure professionalism!!

One of the most touching moments of our special day was hearing you translate our civil service at the town hall in Montalcino; it made it so much more intimate and warm, hearing your voice repeat the English version of our ceremony for our legal wedding. It was a truly special moment in our lives.

Seeing your smiling face immediately calmed down our nerves and made us able to breathe even at times when we were panicked (like forgetting our passports on the way to the town hall) oopsy!

You talked me (the frantic bride) out of complete panic attack on the day of hair and make up trial (which was no easy task for you) and you set up a wonderful, extremely well-priced 4 course rehearsal dinner for us and our family in the magical town of nearby Bagno Vignoni that evening – only a place a true local could recommend!!

You set up transportation for our special wine day tour which was one of my favorite parts of the weekend. Our driver knew all the directions and roads,without us having to tell him, and he waited patiently for us as we toured each winery. Plus, you set up transportation for many of our guests to get back and forth to the Castle, making it easy for them to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Tuscan Countryside view without the stress of driving!

When we had last minute cancellations, you told us everything would still be fine and you helped us rearrange the table seating charts.

The evening of the wedding was perfect, the weather just right, and the castle looked gorgeous in the glow of the sunset!  The photographer was so amazing! What a fun guy! I’m so happy you told me to choose him over the other photographer I inquired about. Best decision ever!

We had a lovely wedding. I know I had expressed some thoughts about things that weren’t perfect, but that’s because I am a crazy perfectionist! Super crazy ;-/ But it felt right to mention them incase they help you with future weddings, although I imagine most brides are less fussy about little details.  😉 As I mentioned before, we now know now how truly difficult it is to plan a perfect wedding! Impossible really! 😉

In fact, every bride needs to know there is no such thing as a completely perfect wedding! Something is always going to happen, or someone is going to cancel last minute, or the ring bearer may fall asleep ;-p ha ha ha ha . Little Noah really passed out 😉  But with you by our side, making all the connections, arrangements, paperwork and executions, we felt we had a wedding that was as perfect as it could possibly be. We loved our Wedding Weekend, and our guests REALLY LOVED our Wedding Weekend. We really impressed them and they have all expressed how much fun it was and how beautiful everything was!

How you did ALL of this by yourself amazed us!!! You are truly talented Fede. May you continue to bring “dreams come true” to the many brides and grooms that hire you in the future!


Many, Many, Thanks! Grazie Mille!

Maria and Eric Grilly