Matt + Stephanie

Matt & Stephanie

Almost as soon as we got engaged, we knew we would end up getting married in Italy. Since all our guests flew in from other countries, we wanted to have our wedding be a three-day event, something they would never forget. We knew the travel and planning would be significant, but our hope was that one look at the rolling Tuscan countryside would make all that effort worth it. I’m relieved to say that that’s exactly what happened, and I’m 100% convinced that I can only say that because of Fede.

Early in the planning process, we knew we would need help with our wedding so Steph dove deep into research on all the major websites. While there are many great planners in Italy, there are only a few consistently spectacular ones. We interviewed three for the job, but there was never even a competition to be had. Within minutes of meeting Fede via Skype, we knew we had our planner.

Over the course of 18 months, Fede was an absolute dream. She is painfully nice, incredibly responsive and takes every opportunity to make you feel like you’re the only client she has (despite having dozens at the same time). I actually have no idea how she is able to deliver such a level of service for so many people all at once. Many people can claim to be miracle workers, but Fede can truly back it up.

Throughout all our planning no detail was too small or request too outrageous for Fede to handle with grace and a smile. I’d like to think we were a pretty agreeable couple to work with, but there were certainly stressful times when we faced challenges with our guest list and budget. In every circumstance Fede calmly and patiently helped us through everything.

During our three-day wedding event every single thing went perfectly, and Steph and I had the time of our lives. This was of course in no small part due to Fede and her team tirelessly working behind the scenes so we could enjoy time with our guests. Our only issue on the day of our ceremony was an unseasonably hot temperature, but I can’t blame her for that.

As a groom it’s hard to be as involved as your wife, and mine is a first class Type-A, so I never had a shot. With that said, I was the one who refused to even consider another wedding planner within moments of meeting Fede. I knew from that first instance that she was the one to go with and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in years. If you are thinking about getting married in Italy, then stop reading this review and hire Fede immediately. You won’t regret it.